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The '23-'24 season
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this summer!

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Come Learn & Have Fun

Welcome to the BHPA! We are thrilled to have you join our wonderful community of families and hope that you will participate in our many fun activities, active playgroups and exciting events.

Kids in Preschool

Why Join?

Joining the BHPA helps you to foster life long friendships with local parents.

Your Child/Children

Children benefit from positive social interactions.  The BHPA sets up various child friendly events to help build and maintain friendships.


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About Us

In 1965, five members of the Wampus Elementary School PTA Board gathered with their children for weekly trips to nature centers, museums, picnics and unusual playgrounds. But the group members decided they wanted more consistency and more frequent activities. Approximately 12 members created the Wampus Preschool and formed playgroups that would meet a few times a week in addition to their day trips.


Separately, in 1967, the Coman Hill Preschool was founded when a few mothers who had been gathering for a playgroup organized with the purpose of entertaining their children with arts and crafts, field trips, story times and playgroups. With approximately 50 members, the group’s first year was considered a very big success.


In 1982 the two preschool groups merged to form the Byram Hills Preschool Association. Today our organization has over 305 families. We thank those involved in the formation of these organizations, for without them, we would not be enjoying the exciting and educational activities we have today!

Upcoming Events

We are currently working on planning some exciting, safe, socially distant events for the upcoming year. Make sure to register and watch your email, or check back

here for event announcements!

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Upcoming Events

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