Here are a few common questions that are asked to us.

My child is not yet in preschool. Can I join?

Yes! All families who live in the Byram Hills school district with a child or children, newborn to age 5 are welcome to join!

What does my membership entitle me to?

Amazing events for children and families throughout the school year (Sept-June)! Most, if not all, events for children are free with membership. This includes our annual SOS (school orientation sessions) for children preparing to enter kindergarten. In addition, there are many events throughout the year geared toward parents including mom’s night out, book clubs, and family events.

Can I bring non member guests to events?

Yes, non members are charged an additional fee to attend events.

Do I have to be a member to participate in SOS?

Yes, you must be a paid member in order to have your child participate in SOS.

Sounds great! How can I join?

Click this link to visit the online membership form, complete the info and then click through to the payment via the Authorize.net website. Simply use your credit/debit card.

I work full time. Can I still volunteer?

Yes! There is a place for everyone in the BHPA. In fact, we have a working moms committee specifically geared towards moms who work.

How can I join a committee?

Contact the president or any of the committee chairs to find out where help is needed and how to get involved. You may also attend one of our monthly board meetings.

What is S.O.S?

Kindergarten School Orientation Sessions, fondly known as S.O.S., is an orientation program that runs monthly from January through May for children entering kindergarten at the Coman Hill Elementary School in September.
Held at Coman Hill Elementary School, this program introduces children to the school before the school year begins, promoting a feeling of comfort and familiarity amongst the incoming kindergartners.

Monthly activities include visits to the library, cafeteria and art room, a bus safety demonstration, and a ride on the school bus. Each drop-off session runs approximately 45 minutes, from 3:45-4:30p.m. Children are expected to attend on the same day of the week each month so they can see familiar faces in both the children and the Preschool Association members who run the sessions.
Advance registration is required for all participants and is restricted to PAID BHPA members only. Membership in the Byram Hills Preschool Association runs from September through June, so be sure to renew your membership for the current school year. If you have any questions about BHPA membership status please contact our Membership Chair at BHPAmembership@gmail.com.

Please note, registration is done at a first come first serve basis and days are capped for the amount of children. Please contact SOSBHPA@gmail.com for additional information.