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BHPA Programs & Committees 

Here are some of the activities we offer

Kids in Preschool
Kids in Preschool

All of our Committees and positions are filled by volunteers - parents like you who want to be involved in the fun for their kids and families!

Book Club

Read more! Read things you wouldn’t normally read! Meet new people! And, most importantly, it’s so fun! The BHPA Book Club usually meets every month for lively discussions in a social setting. Book Club meetings take place at BHPA member homes.

C.H.I.L.D Liaison 

Children’s Committee

Be part of the FUN for our kids! The BHPA Children’s Committee plans our annual Fall Carnival, Halloween Ball and other holiday events, get togethers at local playspaces, arts and crafts and other fantastic children’s activities throughout the year. Committee members work together to plan events, book talent (such as DJs, face painters, bouncy castles, etc.), prepare craft projects and implement other activities at the events.

Eye Screening

Taking place each spring, the BHPA Eye Screening program is a proactive approach to our preschoolers’ vision health. Committee members set up the eye screenings at each preschool at no cost to the parents. All results are confidential and immediately shared with the parents. This unique program has identified several potential vision problems in preschool-age children, allowing their parents to intervene early.

Health & Fitness

BHPA also stands for Be Healthy, Active & Positive! Committee members plan events such as an annual Health & Fitness Night, 5K Runs, Yoga Nights, etc. to keep us all active and to share tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle for parents and kids.

Little Helping Hands

You are never too young to help others! The BHPA Little Helping Hands program is designed to engage our preschoolers in the act of giving back to others and to our community. Committee members plan and implement holiday food drives, bake sales, and other volunteer events throughout the year.

Mom’s Night Out

Do you like to plan parties? Love to attend them? Don’t we all!! Our Mom’s Night Outs are such a great way to enjoy adult conversation – perhaps over a cocktail or any drink of your choice. Meet and connect with other moms and even make lifelong friendships! Mom’s Night Outs are held monthly – with our first event tentatively scheduled for mid-October.


Perfect way to get to know other kids and caregivers! This committee coordinates preschoolers by age and interest to create play dates in an easy and comfortable setting- where kids and caregivers can play and meet others in the same phase of life.

Preschool Liaison 

This committee chairperson will act as a liaison for the BHPA Board to all of the preschools in Armonk. Making sure events are promoted and that families are aware of what is happening. The BHPA preschool liaison is also responsible for identifying a specific liaison at each preschool.


One of the highlights of the BHPA year! This popular program runs from January through May for our four-year old preschoolers as they get ready to head to Kindergarten. Each month, participants visit Coman Hill Elementary School where they tour and learn about the school as well as bus safety. Program ends with an actual practice ride on the school bus!

Welcoming Committee

Our Welcoming Committee members reach out personally to all new BHPA members – whether through email or in-person. This committee also creates and distributes a “BHPA welcome packet” to be sent to all new members. Committee members also plan and implement our Opening Wine & Cheese event, a Welcome Coffee event and other new member meet ups throughout the year.

Working Moms

Get to know other working moms! This committee offers the working moms of our community with resources and a support network – and lots of fun along the way! Also a wonderful way to make lifelong friendships! Committee members plan networking events, meet ups in NYC, and other events for both parents and children in the evenings and on weekends.

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