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2019-2020 Open Board Positions

The Byram Hills Preschool Association (BHPA) was created over 50 years ago, and is a staple in the Armonk community.  You know your friends in  neighboring towns are jealous, and now here is your chance to help further support and contribute to this amazing organization that is so unique to our town.  


We are excited to announce that we have some open positions on the board for the 2019-2020 school year! Whether you are a stay at home mom, or a mom working full time outside of the home, there are opportunities available that require varying levels of time commitment. Most of the positions listed below benefit from having multiple leaders at the helm, so grab a friend and get involved! 


Mom’s Night Out:
Do you like to plan parties?  Love to attend them? Don't we all!  Looking for fun loving volunteers to plan approximately four nights throughout the school year where Moms can get together, have drinks and schmooze! Our Mom's Night Outs are a longstanding BHPA tradition for Moms to get time away from the family and connect with friends, both old and new.


Social Media Chair:
Are you constantly checking Facebook and Instagram? Do your kids often ask you to put down the phone and play with them?  Do you usually respond “no”? Then YOU might be perfect for our Social Media Chair position.  This chair will coordinate with our Secretary to keep all members up to date on what events are happening with the BHPA through the power of social media.


Didn’t your parents ever tell you that money doesn’t grow on trees?  As the fundraising chair, you will use your creativity and event planning skills to put together our annual fundraising event. In the past there have been cocktail parties, fashion shows…the options are open.  The money raised goes to helping the BHPA put on many fun events each year, and a portion of our annual budget goes toward charitable donations to many organizations within our community.


Welcoming Committee:

We all know what it is like to be the new kid on the block.  Help us welcome new families to town through the opening wine & cheese event, as well as a couple additional casual gatherings throughout the year.  Armonk is a hot spot for young families and we want everyone to feel welcome and find their place here.


Eye Screening:


      F P

    T  O  Z

Can you read those letters? Not all kids can, and they might not even know it.  Each year the BHPA Eye Screening Committee organizes visits to local preschools and provides an initial basic screening, which can lead parents to know if they should follow up with an ophthalmologist.  This screening takes place in the spring and is a unique service provided in our town. Help kids see their future more clearly. (See what we did there?)



One of the founding programs of the BHPA, the BHPA playgroups is how this town famously helps you meet new friends in a new place.  As co-chair of this position, you help organize playgroups at the beginning of the school year, based on the child’s age and scheduling.  One great thing about playgroups is that once they are established, these groups begin to run themselves and the attendees, both parents and children, go on to become life long friends. As the years go on, you will most certainly find yourself reminiscing and telling people, “We met years ago in playgroups and are still friends today.”



Did you know that the BHPA has approximately 280 families join each year? As membership chair, you are the BHPA’s first point of contact for any new member joining the BHPA, answering any questions they might have.  Additionally, this position is part of the Executive Committee. 



If any of these positions appeal to you, please email Co-Presidents Jen Eisenberg and Liz Pugatch at

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