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The Byram Hills Preschool Association (BHPA) is a not-for-profit organization established to benefit preschool age children, their parents and caregivers. With over 250 member families throughout the Byram Hills School District, we strive to provide an array of social, cultural and educational activities for our members. In addition, through our fundraising efforts, we offer donations to local community organizations and programs that relate directly to preschoolers and our community. You can join the BHPA for the current school year (July-June) for $50. Please complete the information form below.  If you have any questions about membership, please contact our membership chair at Thanks! Please note that fields marked with an * are required.

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*** The BHPA is still accepting membership for the 2020-21 school year, but, due to Covid-19 and its limitations, the $50 membership dues will be deferred for the year.  Potential fees associated with individual opportunities may still arise, but no annual dues. Please still register to join and receive the BHPA emails about news and events.

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The Byram Hills Preschool Association (BHPA) disclaims liability for any injury or damage incurred by a participant (or spectator) in any BHPA activities, including but not limited to, the annual fall carnival, the holiday parties, the monthly arts and crafts projects, and the playgroups.  BHPA members and their invitees assume the risks associated with their presence at all BHPA events.  The BHPA reserves the right to photograph or record members and/or events for future promotional use.  The undersigned hereby authorizes the BHPA to use photographs/video of me and/or my child/children in any printed or electronic materials issued by or on behalf of the BHPA, including but not limited to the monthly newsletters, flyers, bulletins, press releases, email communications and the BHPA website.  I also acknowledge that photos/videos may be taken of me and or my child/children at BHPA events by members of the media and utilized publicly by the media with or without the consent or input of me or the BHPA.